Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A bright and sunny future...

is in store for us. Nate is still in Mesa with his brother and things are looking up! He's having a great time and I am a little jealous. Okay... maybe a lot jealous. I mean come on, he's in sunny, 60˚ weather, spending as much time outside as possible and i'm here. getting over a being sick, working, and in the gloomy 30˚ weather shoveling the 2 feet of snow we got one night. Ugh. BUT... he's down there getting things ready for us to move soon. I just hope it's before it gets extremely hot and I get to enjoy the good time of the year. I'll keep you posted.

Can't wait to see these all over the place!
AND take pictures of the beautiful terrain!
☀ I'll post them for you ☀

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hope everyone had a great V-Day! We sure did. Now just spending time with the family before Nate leaves me :( He is heading to Mesa, Arizona on Saturday. I have to stay here and work but he deserves a vacation. He hasn't had one in a long time. Have fun babe! I will miss you.

In other news, my little brother Dillon just arrived in South Dakota to sign with Black Hills State University on a football scholarship. We are all so proud of him. He is an amazing guy and he works hard for everything he gets and he more than deserves it.

Dillon during a game.
He is a running back.
His stats are awesome!

One of Dillon's senior pictures

My sister Casey, who is in a bunch of pictures in a previous post, is also graduating this year. Early too! I'm so proud of her too. She is beautiful and smart and can't wait to see her do well in her life. I love you Case :)

Casey and I at the Salt Lake City Airport just before she went home.

I think that's all the news so far this year. Hope everyone is having an awesome 2011!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just some visuals of what we've been up to lately. Going outdoors when it's nice. We can't wait for spring. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day!

Nate & Nicki

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Wow, I just looked at our blog and remembered I haven't posted in really long time. Your not missing out on too much though. Nothing too exciting has happened. Halloween was fun! We had Bill, Melissa and Olive come up and stay the weekend with us. We took little Olive to the mall to trick or treat and planned on going out but it rained almost all day... so we just stayed home and had a good time... dry! Hope everyone had a good and safeThanksgiving. We spent the day with a friend and her family. Monica and Keith made an awesome dinner with a fried turkey, (my first time having a fried instead of baked turkey and may I say... FABULOUS!) and all the traditional sides. I made a peanut butter tart that was surprisingly delicious and rich. Then we all made gingerbread houses. Also a first for me. They had every kind of candy and we had so much fun. We ate more than we put on the house... but it got finished. Nate's grandma past away last month so we've been spending time with his parents. She was very loved and we will miss her. Nate and I miss you all. Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Casey is coming! Yay...Part 2

So a little over a week ago my sister flew in from Michigan. We've been having a ton of fun together. I love spending time with my family. It's so easy to let go and be myself with them and I love that I can talk to them about anything. It really helps when you live so far away from everybody. We have gone to Salt Lake City, out to the Salt Lake to take some pictures (posted below are Casey's senior pictures out by saltair at a really cool graffiti train), and yesterday we went up to Lava Hot Springs with some friends! Had such a blast! We went tubing down the river, to the swimming pool with the slides, and then last to the hot pots. So beautiful up there and we were so tired and watered out. But... we are going up to another river in Idaho tomorrow to go again with another group of friends. We've been busy! Update more later! Hope your having a great weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

What's been going on at our house? I'll tell you...

It was a busy couple of weeks there for a while. Nate's brother John Alan came up from Arizona for a family birthday gathering for Tom and his brother John. John (nate's uncle), is from Oregon and drove down here to have a joint celebration with the whole family up in bear lake. We all got to go up to the cabin and spend time with all the family. It was fun! Then getting ready for Lacy's wedding was hectic. It turned out beautiful though. I just wish the rain would've held off til after the reception was over. It rained through the whole reception. We were lucky enough to get through the ceremony without any which was a miracle. Nate was the photographer since I was the maid of honor and couldn't take them. That was on a wednesday, then on that next saturday I had to shoot a wedding for a family friend. That was a long day! You can see all the amazing pictures at I just celebrated my birthday yesterday! It was a relaxing day. I wasn't feeling too well though. Nate has been sick this past week and I think I started to come down with the same thing yesterday. Ugh, of all the days to get sick, it had to be my birhday. oh well. There are many other things... but I am still not feeling well but I had enough energy to get on the computer so I wanted to quickly write a little something. Hope you have a safe and fun fourth of July! Love ya!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back from Michigan

So... my trip to Michigan was Awesome!! I had so much fun. I got to see all my friends and family. I even worked a little while I was there. Well actually, a lot. My last few days there it seemed like all I did was photo shoots. I am posting them on my other blog,, if you would like to take a look at the shoots I have done so far. I did a few senior sessions, a couple family sessions and some just because shoots. It's not too bad working while your on vacation if your still making money doing something you love! I didn't do anything too exciting. Just spent time with everyone I could. I wanted to stay longer. But was missing Nate and my pooches. And I was actually excited to get back to work. Anyway... I haven't blogged since before my trip and I just wanted to update you all and post some pics. Peace.